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Secure Firearm Storage

Gevas Defense offers you an affordable, flexible and secure solution for your firearm storage needs, whether  long term or short. All items are stored in safes, inside of an insulated facility protected by a monitored alarm and under supervision.


We store all types of firearms and accessories in our secure storage facility here on our premises. You have a choice of renting space by the gun or you can rent an entire safe.  All firearms are insured for fire & theft. Although our regular business hours are 7 days 10 to 6, access is available 24 hours a day.


Front Sight Students

Whether you are flying in or driving, why worry about the security of your firearms. Ship them to us before you leave, upon arrival your firearms and ammo are secured until you arrive in Pahrump and pick them up for your course. If your state doesn’t allow your particular firearms or magazines you can keep them here for each time you attend a course.  Your firearms and ammunition can be waiting for you at the front gate on your class start date.




Short Term Storage                                                         Individual Items

                                                                Handguns                             $5 per day each

                                                                Long guns                             $5 per day each

                                                                Ammunition                          $2 per day per case or portion thereof



                                                                420ci steel can                      $10 per day, whatever fits

                                                                19cf 24 gun Safe                    $35 per day


Long Term Storage                                                          Individual Items

                                                                Handguns                              $35 per month each

                                                                Long guns                             $35 per month each

                                                                Ammunition                           $10 per month per case or portion thereof



                                                                420ci steel can                       $35 per month, stored in safe

                                                                8.7cf 10 gun safe                    $125 per month

                                                                19cf 24 gun Safe                     $200 per month


Rates are calculated based on :   

Daily, Billed in 24 hour increments beginning at drop off the first day and 10am each day after.  Payment due at pickup.

Monthly, first month & last month prorated to the week, and 1st of the month thereafter.  10% discount on annual rate with prepayment. First and last month due in advance, and then on the first each month thereafter.

Give us a call for more information.

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