HIPERFIRE EDT Designated Marksman AR-15/10 Trigger

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HIPERFIRE EDT Designated Marksman AR-15/10 Trigger 

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HIPERFIRE designs and manufactures firearm accessories with objectively superior performance for the modern sporting rifle. Experience the product of a burning desire to innovate that can only be called a passion.

The EDT Designated Marksman is an enhanced duty trigger that represents a significant upgrade to your MIL-SPEC AR trigger. This smooth, accurate trigger features a heavy SwingFast hammer head for faster lock-up and a duplex trigger bow offers a high position for safety under duress and a low position for tactical precision.


  • Single stage semi-auto
  • Radical sear mechanics
  • 4½ and 5½ lb trigger springs
  • MIL++ heavy duty hammer springs
  • Hard hammer strikes
  • SwingFast hammer head
  • Duplex trigger bow
  • Crisp, clean, trigger break
  • Short over-travel
  • Positive reset