"Y" Harness Single Point Vest Mount

"Y" Harness Single Point Vest Mount

"Y" Harness Single point Vest Mount

HK     $39.95

QD     $44.95

Mashhook       $39.95


The "Y" harness sling is built using 11mm rappel rope as the center piece with 1" tubular webbing everywhere else. The harness incorporates three side release Nexus buckles and the weapon attachment of your choice. The webbing is easily attached to the vest by weaving through molle or any type of loop attachment your tac vest or plate carrier may have. The system is a simple and strong single point sling that is specificly built for attaching to body armor rigs.

Colors  available are black, olive drab green  (od), FDE & multicam


    PriceFrom $39.95